Hurt, betrayal and spiritual abuse – Stand Up For The Truth

Hurt, betrayal and spiritual abuse – Stand Up For The Truth.


God is good!!

Its been quite a while since I’ve posted anything on the blog whether from myself or from other sites. I have been on somewhat of a sabbatical from ministry and have been observing where the church is headed in comparison to what scripture tells us. WE all know scripture is infallible and that Gods word speaks truth like none other. I have watched over the past few months, the “so-called church” slip further and further away from biblical Christianity. There are many who are jumping on the politically correct, social bandwagon and selling out the truth of Gods Word for popularity, for big membership, and just to be part of the crowd and not be left out of the latest “move”. Jesus was a great model for standing for truth, even when it meant standing alone. We are starting to see the crumbling of some ministries and leaders, whether it be sexual failures, financial infidelity, abuse of members and other church leaders, and even stealing others work and claiming it as their own.

As I know none of us are perfect, even after salvation through Christ, the Christian life is a struggle and we all deal with sin and its grip using our flesh as a tool against us. Peter tells us to resist the devil and he will flee and to just stop sinning. Once we are saved and filled with the spirit of God, we have the power to resist the sins of the flesh. We all still fall and are in need of Gods grace daily to set our hearts aright toward him. We are here for one reason and that is to give God glory and proclaim his name. It is not for ourselves, this life we have now or any other reason except for his glory. If we are living the Christian life as a way to make this life more successful, more attainable, more tolerable, then you have come to Jesus for the wrong reason. Jesus did not die for us to have a good life and he is not concerned about your happiness on the earth or in this life. He is concerned about the condition of your soul and growing in him. Do not be deceived by those who would lead you astray and have you believe any other falsehood. Those who lead others astray and into a this life now mindset are nothing more that judgment to those that sit under them and are lead astray by their heresy…..

I have also witnessed more and more churches more interested in programs and agendas than in loving God and people. Manipulation and coercion to follow church rules and build a so-called “church family” creates an atmosphere of deception.

The bible speaks of these times near the end and we see it right before our eyes. The age of men and their glory. I beg you to keep true to the Word of God and that alone. Most people are led astray, not because of those leading, but because most don’t know their bible enough to know the difference, or they have turned the Love of God into something that is very unbiblical.

Pray for the real church to stay true and stand fast in the things of God through the last days as we approach the coming of our Lord. Pray that deception would not entangle the hearts of true believers.